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PERSONAL TRAINING includes customized programming and exclusive individual instruction to develop functional movement and exercise. The result of this form of training is improvement in strength, conditioning and flexibility, maximizing energy, effort and endurance. These skills are highly transferable to everyday activities, obstacles and challenges.

Whatever your fitness goals are; we will match you with the appropriate trainer and get you started!


Single session - $35.00/hour
6 or 12 session package - $180.00/$335.00

*Active gym membership required to purchase sessions or drop-in rate will be added to session cost


Sessions are offered daily from Monday-Friday and combine strength, conditioning and metabolic training. You will be guided through fundamental movements and varied workouts that will enhance your everyday life. Programming is suitable for any age, stage and ability – including seniors and fitness beginners.

Cost: $105 (unlimited classes, gym use & 24/7 access) or Drop in to a class for $10! Monday-Thursday 6:30a, 10a, 12p and 5:30p, Fridays 6:30a, 10a and 12p