Being a full-figured woman, my low self-esteem told me a non-athletic person was not allowed to attend the gym. Obviously, this is ridiculous and I have realized that the only person who cared about whether I "fit in" at the gym was myself. The “judgement free” atmosphere and the unlimited support of the instructors is what keeps me coming back!

I am very grateful that you will push me to my strength even though I will complain, grumble and try to modify. I am thankful for you demonstrating all of the moves for me step by step though again, again, again and again. You guys have the greatest patience!!! - Debbie B., Facebook 5-star review


LiveFit is more then a gym. It is a beautiful community with caring trainers and staff. When I go to work out there is always a smiling face to greet me and and good conversation and all around well being. - Niki B., Facebook 5-star review


Love the people at LiveFit...they are helpful, knowledgeable, very encouraging and fun! The workouts are kept interesting and doable for anyone. My life had changed for the better since I took the 1st step and joined. - Jennifer F., Google 5-star review


Livefit is an AMAZING place! They are super helpful with beginners and can adjust any workout to your level/ health restrictions!! The staff make you feel comfortable and assist with any questions!! I also LOVE the juice plus shakes as they make my mornings way easier, taste Great, and I can feel a difference in my energy level!! . - Kristen W., Facebook 5-star review


I look forward to be at this gym everyday...sometime, I can't make it but I am HAPPY every time to do the Daily Challenge. Let's keep pushing that button and try harder next time. We can do this....One workout at a time. - Lynn M., Facebook 5-star review


"Amazing staff!! Amazing members!! An amazing place to go and work out!!" - Tammy M., Facebook 5-star review


Amazing! Love LeeAnne as a personal trainer- highly recommend! LiveFit has a super friendly and welcoming environment. Plenty of equipment and the staff have lots of fresh ideas to spruce up your routine. - Kendra W.

"This is more than a class, it’s a community of individuals who want to constantly better their mind, body and soul and are all a support system for one another. I am forever grateful to Graham for how much time he has put in, for never giving up on the gym or on any of us, and for keeping such a good eye on our form and technique to be sure we can push to the best of our ability.“ – Terrah Bird